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slicin’ up eardrums... i really dig this Vosbúð album. probably cuz it’s so damned melodic. and also, as you state, the 90s alternative influences sprinkled in there. can’t stand smashing pumpkins, but love the big swervedriver sound.

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absolutely hate the smashing pumpkins. back in the day, for some odd reason, probably production related, Todd bought one of their early records and upon seeing there were no lyrics printed and the liner notes had something about sending a sase to their pobox for a copy he was so irritated he wrote a letter to them, "pumpkins, the day I give you a sase for lyrics after purchasing a cd is the day you blow me..." Swervedriver on the other hand rule. Though I don't like anything in totality after ejector seat reservation.

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ha! can you imagine actually wanting to know what the pumpkins had/have to say?! stephen malkmus said it best: “…and i could really give a fuck.” (he may have been talking about STP, but same difference.

something i’ve wondered… is “for seeking heat” an homage to “mayhem’s “deathcrush”? highly unlikely, but i still hope so. *shrug*

i had no idea swervedriver we’re still a thing. they exist solely in the 90s for me. fair or not.

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